Ketley Gold brings you 100 percent natural oolong tea from Darjeeling. Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea produced through a unique process including withering the plant under the strong sun and partial oxidation. The end result is a tea which combines the rich flavours of black tea with the fresh taste and high anti-oxidant properties of green tea. Ketley Gold Royal Oolong Tea is completely hand picked, delight aromatic with a mild flavor and bright golden color. It also offers a large number of health benefits with a history of use dating back to 1,000 years ago. One of the active ingredients in oolong tea is polyphenol catechism, which has proven antioxidant properties. Antioxidants combat free radicals which can cause cell damage by taming free radicals, antioxidants help the body maintain its natural good health and enhance immune functions. The healthful effects of drinking Oolong tea are numerous. Recent scientific scrutiny of Oolong tea's benefits has been particularly evident in researching how it lowers risks for cardiovascular disease. Directions: You should use about 2 gram of tea for 200 ml of water. Heat up your water to 90 degrees and steep for about 3 minutes.

Royal Darjeeling Oolong Tea

    • 100 percent Natural Oolong Tea from Darjeeling. No Oils, No Added Aromas, No Added Flavours, No Artificial Essences.
    • Oolong is partly oxidised, between black and green tea. Mellow yet rich flavour.
    • Popular as an aid to weight loss. No calories and gently raises metabolism.
    • Instructions: Steep 2g leaves in hot water for 3 mins, strain & enjoy. Do not boil leaves.
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