White Peony Tea is next highest in quality to Silver Needle White Tea. White Peony consists of buds and leaves. Ketley Gold's Organic White Peony Tea has both bud and leaf covered in silvery white hair. It tends to have a stronger taste and darker color than Silver Needle. Also known as Bai Mu Dan, White Peony is a sweet, mild Chinese tea made from unopened tea buds, as well as the two newest leaves to sprout.

Ketley Gold Organic White Peony Tea, 75g

    • Type: White Peony Tea; Origin: Arunachal Pradesh, India
    • Next highest in quality to Silver Needle White Tea. Antioxidants-rich, effective in weight-loss, skin nourishment & immunity building
    • Economical white tea experience at less than Rs.7 per cup
    • Steep 2g leaves in hot water for 3 mins, strain & enjoy.
    • Instructions: Don't boil leaves! Re-seal after use & store in a cool & dry place. Shelf Life:365 days
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