Type: Regular Dust Tea A royal blend of CTC Tea made from the finest handpicked green tea leaves grown at selected high grown tea estates and processed at own-leaf tea processing units of North-Assam, Ketley Gold brings you the authentic and awesome Assam Chai you desire. The product does not contain any added flavour, colour or preservatives which is why you will get the original taste and aroma of tea gardens of Assam in every sip you take. It's high time for a chai time.

Royal Dust CTC

    • Sizes available: 500g and 1kg; Type: Regular Dust Tea
    • Sourced directly from only the most high-grown tea estates of Assam
    • Great balance between strength & liquor; A perfect gift for assam tea lovers
    • High grown primary grade tea only, 0% secondary
    • Instructions: Store in an airtight, opaque container in a cool & dry place
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