Currently, as the tea production season has ended, all plucking operations in the garden have paused until March, 2021. Therefore, we will be back with the "shipping within 48hours of plucking" facility next season from the last week of March. From 1st Dec - 31st Mar 2021, all factory direct orders will be dispatched from the factory from the best lot of our existing production with sufficient measures being taken to keep those lots fresh and aromatic for the longest time possible.

Serving Size: 2.5g of tea leaves per cupCost of tea leaves per cup: Less than ₹2/-

Have you ever tried a cup of quality tea made from fresh tea leaves immediately after production? Most packaged teas arrive at consumer's shelf after atleast 2-3 months of production stage. Introducing new Ketley Gold Factory Direct, where you can get fresh single-estate tea straight from our tea garden, dispatched within 48 hours of tea leaf plucking. With Ketley Gold Factory Direct, you get the chance to experience purchasing fresh assam tea directly at factory-gate.By default, we pack and ship BP grade (medium-size grains) which is the most preferred size due to its balanced liquor and taste. However, in case you prefer any other grades (BOP, BOPSM, Dust etc.), just leave us a message on the chat or email and it will be taken care of.

Frequently Asked Question:
Q: How do I know that the product is actually dispatched from factory fresh within 48 hours of plucking? 
A: Well, the only proof that would clear this doubt 100% would be an uncut video recording of your order being packed. But you know that is not possible, right? So, instead, check for the following things once you have received your order:1. Dispatched-from/Return-to Address: The shipping label on your package bears our factory address - Ramawatarjee Tea Co., Tea Factory, PO Katlicherra, Hailakandi, Assam, 788161 - from where your order is picked up by a courier executive.2. Tracking info: You can check the tracking info once your order is dispatched and you are shared your shipment AWB no. It would show that the shipment has been picked up from Lalapur_Ward1, Assam.3. Packet Label: You can check the packing date on the label of the packet. It would be the same as the date of dispatch of your order.4. Aroma: Go ahead and smell the aroma of the tea leaves. That would never lie! In short, if there is anything fishy with your order, you would simply know it. So, just take our word for once and give it a try. Oh! you will love it.

Factory Direct CTC

₹250.00 Regular Price
₹237.50Sale Price
Net Weight
  • No Returns/Replacements Allowed - The selected item is not eligible for returns and/or replacements. However, this policy will not apply if you have received a physically damaged or different item. In such cases, we shall contact you to ascertain the damage in the product prior to initiating a return or replacement as applicable. Cancellation allowed  only before dispatch.

    • Single estate tea dispatched within 48 hours of tea leaf plucking
    • Factory Direct: Dispatched Straight From Factory - M/s. Ramawatarjee Tea Co
    • High-quality tea with excellent shelf life. Go for 450g trial pack before stocking up
    • Instructions: Store in an airtight, opaque container in a cool & dry place
    • Only the best tea from our production range
    • Choice of grain-size available
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