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How to Make Raspberry Latte with Assam Tea Leaves. Revolution in Tea Recipe

Have you ever wondered, you will make raspberry tea with a latte? We know you have not. Today we will share an interesting recipe of Raspberry tea beautifully blended with a latte. During this time, a lot of people are attempting new recipes at home and trying to invent something new. Even we have discovered a simple yet innovative recipe of giving a delicious flavour to the tea.

Raspberry tea has a refreshing taste and is a classic drink. We are sure that you are going to love it as much as we did. Ketley Gold Premium, which is a strong Assam Tea, is one of its kind. It has an amazing blend of flavours and aroma.

Let us start making Raspberry Tea with Latte

Ingredients you will need ● 1 ounce of strong brewed coffee or espresso. ● 8 ounces of Raspberry tea brewed ● Honey, to taste ● Cream, to taste

Steps to make Raspberry Tea with a latte ● Brew 8 ounces of Raspberry black tea. ● Brew 1 ounce of your favourite espresso, if you don't have a fancy espresso machine, you can prepare a strong coffee of your choice. ● While the tea is still hot, blend tea, honey and cream in your mug. Ensure enough room for your espresso in the mug. ● Start adding espresso slowly and keep mixing the drink in your mug with a spoon until you have poured the entire espresso into the same mug. ● Voila! Enjoy the Raspberry tea with tea.

The recipe is based on a regular sized mug. The ingredients are sufficient for one cup only. Hence, if you want to make it for yourself and another cup for someone else, then you will have to double the ingredients.

It is so good that you will feel like making it more and more every day. Blend your Raspberry tea and latte to enjoy an amazing drink. The recipe in itself is very simple, and you can use readymade Raspberry tea available along with your favourite espresso.

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