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Black Tea, Its Benefits and Different Types

Tea has been popular for thousands of years and is a tradition still today, which is deeply rooted in varied cultures around the world. Black tea is the second most-consumed beverage apart from water. It has properties similar to that of white tea and green tea. However, black tea contains more caffeine than its counterparts, but far less than what is present in coffee. Let us break down the health benefits of black tea.

Has antioxidants properties - Black tea helps to reduce and eliminate damage in the body. Hence, the risk of chronic diseases is lowered greatly. Several sources of antioxidants are present in black tea, hence, it promotes overall health.

Risk of strokes is reduced - According to studies, 80% of strokes are prevented simply by managing your diet, physical activity and smoking habits. It was concluded in a study that people who drank four or more cups of black tea a day had significantly lower chances of strokes.

Enhances Concentration - Black Tea contains a type of amino acid called the Ltheanine, which is believed to enhance alertness and focus. Studies show that such beverages enhance the alpha activity of the brain and have a tremendous impact on concentration levels.

Types of Black Tea

Assam Tea – Assam tea is made from tea leaves grown in the north-eastern state of India.This particular tea is famous for its malty flavour and bright burgundy colour. Ketley Gold Assam Tea is a must-try, it is one of the best black tea available.

Darjeeling Tea – Comes from Darjeeling district and is one of the most popular versions of black tea. You get a light coloured tea from this variant which has a muscatel flavour.

Keemun Tea – It is a black tea from the Anhui province of China. It has a great aroma, and its flavour is described as mellow, fruity and wine-like.

Enjoy every sip of your preferred choice and stay healthy!

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