This is a classic darjeeling orthodox black tea, laden with golden tips, a delicate muscatel flavor, thin-bodied, sharp and clear taste with a floral aroma. Darjeeling brew is light-coloured and tastes best without milk and sugar. Known as the Champagne of Teas, Darjeeling Tea is loved by tea connoisseurs all over the world. Before you sip this Delicious Tea, Take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful floral aroma of Darjeeling tea. This will calm your senses and relieve your stress.

Darjeeling Golden Tips Luxury Orthodox

₹449.00 Regular Price
₹399.00Sale Price
    • PACKED WITH OXYGEN ABSORBERS: All of our luxury segment tea are packed with oxygen absorbers inside for longer shelf life and freshness. It also prevents any kind of bacteria or insect growth.
    • REFRESHING FLAVOR: Golden Tips Darjeeling Tea is mildly sweet with a strong flavor that tingles the taste buds in just the right proportions. Its strong aroma along with the savory flavor works like a whiff of fresh breeze for tired mind, body and soul.
    • HAND-PLUCKED YOUNG BUDS:Golden Tips, just like its name is a very special variety of Darjeeling Tea which consists of young tea buds that are plucked and sorted manually to ensure only the best buds get to you for a heavenly tea drinking experience.
    • ZERO CALORIE DRINK: This tea variety is a zero-calorie beverage which means it is an ideal companion for a health-conscious individual. Now indulge in the sinful desire of enjoying as many cups as you want, without worrying about your diet plan.
    • ENORMOUS HEALTH BENEFITS: Darjeeling Tea is rich in caffeine which makes it useful in minimizing the risk of heart diseases and strokes. Moreover, Golden Tips can help you with your weight management plans, too.
    • AMAZING AROMA: The smooth texture of Golden Tips Darjeeling Tea gives out an engrossing aroma which will surely calm your senses. Give yourself a chance to relax while enjoying the strong aroma of this Darjeeling tea variety.
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