•Straight from Factory - Ramawatarjee Tea Co, Katlicherra, Assam

•Get only the best tea from our ongoing production

•Just pay once & we will take care of your tea requirement for 6 months

•Shipped within 48 hours of tea leaf plucking

•Shipped once every month for 6 months

•Single-Estate Tea

•Choice of Grain-Size available

Assam CTC Tea (6 Months)

₹1,200.00 Regular Price
₹1,140.00Sale Price
Package Weight*
    • Initial Month - Shipped within 2 business days from order date
    • Next 5 months (For orders placed between 1st & 15th) - Shipped on 1st of each month
    • Next 5 months (For orders placed between 16th & 31st) -Shipped on 15th of each month
    • In case of holiday, shipping would be done on next business day
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