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Why Ketley Gold Tea?

I think it goes without saying that India is one of the most tea loving countries out there. Chai is the alarm clock that actually gets you up in the morning. Till now, most of us have already picked our favourite tea brands. However, there are many who love tasting tea from different gardens from all over Assam, Darjeeling and the rest of India. 

For these people, let me introduce you to the new Ketley Gold Tea which brings to you fresh tea from the gardens in Assam straight at your doorstep. Full disclosure, Ketley Gold is not actually new to the Tea Market. It has been in tea business since 2002 manufacturing and selling loose tea to other major tea brands in India. It was in 2017 when it was decided to sell directly to consumer in its own retail packaging. 

Ketley Gold Tea in 250 gram packaging soon became available for online purchase through its successful listings on, Paytm Mall, Snapdeal, Flipkart and other e-commerce marketplaces in September, 2018. It did not take much time before chailovers started getting to know about this new tea in the market. It is safe to say many of them have now shifted to Ketley Gold Tea from other famous brands for their daily chai intakes.

These are the words of the customers and not mine. But the main reason behind people loving this new product is that they get the same quality (some say, even better) of famous tea brands in India at almost half the prices. 1kg of Ketley Gold Tea is currently available at Rs.250/- only including shipping cost. Also, Ketley Gold strives to make the best quality tea available directly from the tea gardens in Assam in consumer packs of 5kg and 10kg at the most reasonable prices.

The best thing is you do not have to trust my words and you can try some sample for yourself at nominal prices of Rs.50 from

How and where to buy Ketley Gold Tea?

It is available for purchase at the following online marketplaces. You can click on the e-commerce platform to directly head over to the store and buy.

What customers had to say?

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