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Various types of Iced Tea, every tea lover must know

Iced tea is not just tea for many rather they regard it completely as an art form. Iced tea has been used in several households for years now, and they love this particular version of tea. Long back, it was sampled by many in St. Louis, and it is since then that it became an instant favourite of masses. Let us know about different variations of Iced Tea relished by people.

Sweet Tea

Pre-sweetened drinks are also popular among consumers. Are you aware that pre-sweetened tea is also as usable as unsweetened ones? Tea is prepared in a usual way, and then sugar is added to the hot mixture to sweeten it. Some like their tea garnished with extra elements such as lemon, raspberries, mint, etc. It adds freshness to the beverage. There are a plethora of sweet tea recipes floating around. You can try one of them according to your taste and enjoy your special tea.

Simple Iced Tea

The simplest way to prepare Iced tea is to mix the available tea powder with chilled water. Many make iced tea in a way they prepare hot tea, in boiling water. To get the extensive flavour of Iced tea, serve it over ice and garnish it with a lemon on top. Ketley Gold Premium tea leaves can be used for preparing a simple iced tea.

The art of Iced Tea

Iced Tea is best served on hot days. Drink a glass of Iced tea as soda and enjoy its amazing flavour and freshness. Iced Tea is cool and refreshing than any other drink, and if offered, you should always give this drink a try. We are sure that you will fall in love with its flavours. Moreover, it is a wonderful source of antioxidants, so you will not have to worry about those extra calories.

They are not at all unnatural until sweeteners are put in by choice. There is no going back after giving it a try!

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