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The Natural Benefits of Tea vs Coffee

The argument between tea lovers and coffee lovers continues. Some people swear that tea is the healthier beverage of the two, while others prove the superiority of coffee over tea.

So, today, let us find out which beverage is healthier. Research reveals that tea has more antioxidants than coffee. Especially green tea is considered rich in antioxidants. Connoisseurs of tea claim that among the varieties of green tea that have saturated the market, Ketley Gold’s Green tea is the best. The green tea leaves that go to the making of Ketley Gold’s Green tea are sourced from company-owned tea estates, and this brand produces superior quality green tea. Ketley Gold Organic Green Tea is ruling the markets.

This premium quality tea is prepared from unfermented leaves, which are handpicked from the tea gardens in the foothills of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It produces a mild, pale-green, bitter-sweet tasting liquor. This 100% organic tea may be re-steeped for a second brew. The best news for beauty-conscious people is that it lends a hydrated glow to the skin. This relaxing liquor is rich in antioxidants and is produced under expert supervision. On the contrary, green coffee leads to weight loss and is much rarer than green tea.

Apart from that, doctors suggest that drinking tea has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, potential weight loss, and cancer. On the other hand, coffee drinking prevents type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Tea contains more antioxidants than coffee. Tea doesn’t stain the teeth as much as coffee.

For example, Ketley Gold Royal Cup Assam Tea maintains a balance between strength and pleasantness. It doesn’t contain any added flavours, preservatives, and colours. Ketley Gold Royal Cup Assam Tea is an authentic version of strong Assam Tea produced in North Assam. It has a refreshing blend of aroma and flavours.

Hence, in the long run, tea wins the race against coffee in the survey based on the natural benefits of both.

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