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The Chai Chronicles

Tea is a popular beverage in India. The popularity of this beverage is startling, indeed. The most grievous complaint from Indians during lockdown was the closure of their favourite tea-stalls. Gone were the days when they gathered in such a haunt around clay mugs full of the steaming tea.
These memories are triggered by the arrival of monsoons. So, let us find out the history of this popular beverage.
How was Tea discovered?
Emperor ShehNung discovered tea in the year 2732 BC. The leaves of a wild tree had accidentally blown into a pot of boiling water. The pleasant aroma coming out from this brew was so attractive that the emperor couldn’t resist drinking it. A Scotsman named Robert Bruce had discovered a native variety of this tea in 1823 in Assam. India and China are the most important producers of tea in the 21st century. A popular notion is that a local merchant named Maniram Dewan had introduced Bruce to a tribe of tea-drinking Indians. This had given rise to the commercialization of tea.
The Tea Story:
Initially, tea had no flavour to it. Ketley Gold Royal Cup Assam Tea is a classic example of traditional tea. It has no artificial flavors or preservatives. On the contrary, it has retained the original flavour and taste of tea gardens. In a nutshell, this tea has a blend of aroma and strong taste. Connoisseurs say that it is a perfect gift for tea lovers.
 Innovations like green tea and iced tea were introduced much later. Nowadays, a mug of iced tea is welcome in the sweltering heat. Ketley Gold Premium tea leaves are ideal for preparing iced tea. The easiest way to prepare iced tea is to blend the available iced powder with chilled water. It may be served over ice and garnished with a lemon on top to bring out the flavour.
Many tea lovers claim they prefer their tea sweet. For them, raspberry tea is a recent innovation. Ketley Gold Premium, which is another blend of premium aroma and strong flavor, is the best choice for preparing raspberry tea. 
Tea is more popular than coffee because of the caffeine content. This drink has evolved as well has retained its authenticity over the years. 
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