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Tea-pedia- It is the Wikipedia version of tea- about tea

Wikipedia is described as an online encyclopaedia. It is a repository of information regarding every topic of the world. Tea is a beverage that gives out a lovely aroma. Indians have been addicted to this beverage throughout centuries. Generations of Indians swear by this beverage. An authentic Indian has one word about tea: “Wow!” It is known as “chai” universally in India.

Now, let us find out what Wikipedia has to say about this popular beverage. This beverage had originated in China. Some Chinese languages like Cantonese and Mandarin pronounce the name of tea as “cha” on the other hand, some other Chinese vernacular languages pronounce it as “teh.”

The Dutch are responsible for initiating the tea trade with India. They had taken the word tea from the Min dialect of China, which pronounced tea as “thee.”

Over time, tea had acquired popularity throughout India. It is available in different variants like “masala chai,” “Turkish Tea,” and “Ginger tea.” Green tea is a rage now.

Ketley Gold is a brand of tea known for its superb aroma and strong taste. It contains L-theanine as well as theophylline. They soothe our nerves and help us calm down. As a result, a steaming mug of tea is the best medicine when we are stressed out. Apart from it, tea has many physical benefits like combatting cough and cold. This beverage is so prevalent in Iranian families that it is the first beverage to be offered to guests.

People of Kashmir (the part between India and Pakistan) consume a pink tea, which is flavoured with pistachio nuts, cinnamon, almonds, and salt. This particular beverage is offered in special rituals.

In the urban areas of Sindh, tea is generally consumed with milk and sugar. On the other hand, in the northern parts of Pakistan, buttered tea is more popular. It is an afternoon ritual in England to consume tea with cakes.

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