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Talk over a cup of tea

Talk over a cup of tea: conversation starter that lightens the mood and avoids deep and heavy conversations, and lets us be funny and heavy.

Indians swear by a cup of tea. Their day doesn't start without a cup of tea, also known as "chai" in their verandas.

Before the pandemic brought about a lockdown, the tea stalls were people’s meeting places. Even strangers became bosom friends over cups of teas in those tiny stalls.

In India, guests are welcomed with a cup of tea. Ketley Gold is a brand that markets premium quality of tea. This brand is familiar with the Indian fondness for tea. So, they are aware that tea acts as a great conversation starter. Even after tea stalls have been shut down, family members bond with each other over cups of tea. So, good quality tea produced by Ketley Gold adds fuel to the fire of these group chat sessions.

The economic recession has brought about mental depression. Wherever we see, people are suffering from joblessness, starvation, and other social evils. People who have a family to maintain are the worst victims because of rising expenses. In such cases, cups of teas act as mood elevators. Such cups of tea seem to have a clinical impact on the moods of the Indian population. Ketley Gold is a brand that caters to such addictive tastes of the Indian population. So, it doesn't compromise with quality.

It is also available at a reasonable price. The leaders of the brand know that one cup of tea is not enough for Indians. A cup of tea is like a medicine (without any negative side effects) to people who are going through the blues. It automatically makes people feel more cheerful and joyous. A steaming mug of tea alone can work miracles on Indian psychology. This beverage does have a fee property like boosting immunity. Ginger tea and lemon tea act as medicines when a person has caught a cold or is suffering from a vicious headache.

Tea has such an impact on our psychology that we may even start discussing anything with even strangers over a cup of tea. So, the tea stalls would always remain crowded. People discussed topics like politics, sports with even strangers while sipping on clay pots of teas.

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