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Relive Moments With A Sip- Retrospect the past beautiful memories

Tea is the most popular beverage in India. Before lockdown took place, tea stalls were open in every alley of India. All the tea stalls used to remain crowded from dawn to dusk. Even strangers became friends over a cup of tea.

Tea has a psychological impact on people. It helps people to open up with complete strangers. Even the elderly that sipping a cup of tea from a clay pot has its own charm. It is famous as “chai” in the local language. It is not without its physical benefits. A steaming cup of tea helps people get rid of the cough and cold. A mug of ginger tea aids digestion.

While speaking of psychology, we agree that a steaming mug of tea is a must-have on a rainy day. Any technological advancement cannot replace the charm of this beverage on the monsoon season. There is no specific time for having tea. There is no specific time for having tea. Some people have it before breakfast, while others have it in the evening.

It is human nature to sit beside the window during a torrential downpour with a steaming mug of Ketley Gold tea. The smoke coming out of the cup takes us down memory lane. The day some of us wooed our first love. The day a boy got his first job. How happy he must have been! The level of excitement when the message informed us about our first salary. The gifts we bought with it for our parents and beloved ones!

The realization that we were independent to a certain extent. The sip of Ketley Gold had brought a person to the day when he had bought the collector’s edition of Palgrave’s “Golden Treasury” with his first salary. Unfortunately, he had been forced to donate it to the local library after his father had a heart attack.

The father had been worried about his son’s growing interest in poetry. The devoted son couldn’t afford to give importance to poetry at the cost of his father’s health. Some people go back to their fun-filled school and college days. Tea gives them wings to go back in history.

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