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Redefining Father’s Day with a sip of Tea

Tea is a popular beverage in India. People love to bond around a steaming mug of tea. It is nothing unusual to find a group of people getting familiar over a clay mug of tea, in a tea stall.

The generation of our fathers preferred tea to coffee. Nowadays, the lockdown situation has brought out the latent chef in most of the people. Father’s Day is on 21st June. Generally, people celebrate it in different ways. This year, with so many natural disasters happening simultaneously, people don’t dare to take their fathers out for a treat or order something from a gourmet restaurant. Even inviting that favourite uncle or taking the father out for a movie is risky.

So, the best idea is to celebrate Father’s Day over a cup of tea. The good news is that monsoons will be around the corner at that time. So, that steaming mug of tea and quiet time with family members are the best gifts to our responsible fathers.

A lip-smacking tea recipe for the lockdown chefs:

Those who have turned into chefs during the lockdown, a raspberry tea blended artistically with a latte is a good suggestion. The ingredients for a regular-sized of this authentic tea are Ketley Gold Premium Tea, 8 ounces of raspberry tea, honey, and cream. Eight pounces of raspberry black tea and one ounce of Ketley Gold Premium tea should be brewed separately. Then they should be blended, along with honey and cream, while the mixture is still hot.

This simple but tasty recipe is suitable for a quiet evening with the family beside the father. The responsible head of our family deserves this treat after sacrificing his desires and values for us.

Another great Fathers’ Day Gift:

A packet of Ketley Gold Royal Cup Assam Tea may also be a great Father’s Day gift. This authentic tea is grown in the foothills of Assam. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavour or preservatives. On the other hand, it contains a perfect balance between strength and aroma. The best news is that it is reasonably priced too. Five hundred gms of this variety of tea costs Rs 195.00. It is time we make our fathers feel happy with a cup of tea on Father’s Day.

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