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How Herbal Tea was invented and why? A Reminiscent Journey to a Healthy Invention.

The history of Herbal tea is great, and it is a simple infusion of any edible plant. Wide varieties are available all over the world and are processed using different ingredients. A few specimens of such ingredients are tea bark, roots, seeds, spices, etc. There are several arguments that herbal tea is practically not a tea since it is not derived from a tea plant.

Herbal tea is believed to have a lot of health benefits and great taste. It is naturally free from caffeine and is prepared by blending several herbs and spices. Herbal tea is popular because of its benefits.

Remedial tea

It is the combination of several herbs and spices that makes herbal tea to be used in the healing process. It is widely used as a cure for several illnesses. For instance, if peppermint is used in a variant of herbal tea, then it can be use to help people in several ways. Peppermint is believed to cure several traits. It can bring relief to a plethora of ailments such as tuberculosis, hay fever, irritable bowel syndrome, prostate cancer, etc.

Several trees and plants are used to manufacture herbal tea. They keep trying several experiments, and try to find an antidote that would serve as a remedy to some or other illness. Distinct parts of trees are supposed to serve vast benefits, and therefore different parts are sometimes used to produce herbal tea.

Herbal teas are generally prepared using three popular methods: Infusion, straining and decoction. All are different in their way, and there is a slight difference in the taste of tea produced as well. Ketley Gold Organic Green Tea is one of its kind. This herbal tea is made up of the best herbs, and it tastes amazing.

Herbs in any form are used to produce tea. They are readily used either in powdered or dried forms. Fresh herbs are also used in the process. Ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. when added, gives a fantastic taste to it.

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