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Excerpt from the Healing Powers of Tea: Warm Up to Teas for 4 Seasons

Tea and coffee are the two most popular beverages which everyone loves to slurp on, irrespective of their age! Among these two, tea has always been a heart stealer. Whether you have tea at the cafes or you prepare it at home, the top quality teas of Ketley Gold, like Ketley Gold Premium Assam Tea, Ketley Gold Premium White Tea, etc. will charm you with its color, freshness, and aroma. In this article, we bring to you the ways in which you can enjoy four different seasons with your hot brewed tea- let that golden drink brings the most joyous moments in your life.

Tea and the Chilling Winter A hot and fuming cup of tea can give you warmth while it is snowing outside, and the cool breeze makes you shiver. Spending your leisure beside the fireplace, warming yourself, and your favorite music is on can be awesome when you have the cup of Ketley Gold Darjeeling Silver Needle White Tea in your hand. Black teas can be for the busiest days while the wintry evening of weekends can be enjoyed the best with spice tea.

The Eternal Love between Tea and the Monsoon

A monsoon evening can never be enjoyed the most without tea and pakoras. To make the evening eventful, you can have milk tea with spices. Pair your cups with dry fruits, freshly baked cakes, or some fried objects to have a great time with your family and friends.

Summer for the Tea Lovers This is the time when you prefer everything light and aromatic. How about having iced tea to get relief from the scorching sun? You can also make it more interesting by adding citrus fruits into it. A glass of such tea can keep you energized and also keeps you hydrated.

Special Tea to Celebrate Spring This is the season when you prepare yourself to welcome summer. White tea is the best to try this time. Add chamomile to your tea before going to sleep and wake up rejuvenated. You can also have citrus tea or green tea to stay detoxified and feel lighter.

So, different types of tea can set your mood at every season. If you are a tea connoisseur, you will find the best recipes to prepare tea and enjoy the drink with your loved ones.

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