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Boost Your Immunity in this Post-COVID Period: Start Having Tea

Keeping your immunity boosted is the only mantra today while dealing with the COVID situation. Though you might have come across a number of medicines available working as immunity-booster, there are some natural ways too. One such natural way to boost up your immunity level is by drinking tea.

Yes, drinking tea can help you in this, provided you are drinking the right tea option.

Herbal Tea

A lot of people today are talking about herbal tea that can help you in keeping the corona virus at check. This is a simple recipe of adding herbs such as ginger, holy basil, and a small pinch of black pepper in your regular tea. The inflammatory and antioxidant properties from this recipe help a lot of keeping you away from a lot of infections while boosting your immunity.

Green Tea

When you talk about green tea, you come across a lot of its health benefits. The tea is rich in antioxidants properties that help in keeping your gut healthy. Also, it helps a lot in keeping your immunity level high so that your body can fight against different illnesses, and you can stay healthy.

White Tea

If you have not yet heard about white tea, you should know that white tea is known to have antioxidants properties even higher than green tea. Hence, if you include options such as Ketley Gold Premium Assam White Tea in your regular diet, you can surely achieve a lot of benefits out of it.

The best thing about tea is that you can try different options as per moods and flavours. You can try out ginger tea, lemon and pepper tea, mint tea, green tea with lemon, and many more. Just know the right options that can help you in boosting up the immunity in your body, and you can include them accordingly in your daily schedule.

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